Week 1 ~ “new beginnings” Eye Candy


Welcome everyone! What a fantastic first week we had in “Life in 52”. All the submissions were so great and unique. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! This week’s theme was “new beginnings”, a perfect way to start the 2016 year and our 52 week project. Our first couple of weeks, we will highlight a few more photographs for “eye candy”. This week there were so many fantastic photos! Great job everyone! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for highlighted artists, fun themes and much, much more… #lifein52

Sheryl Salisbury1909994_819578708168200_1880299927906735041_n1/52 New Beginnings

This year I will be chasing the light. My goal is to learn more about the different types of light and how to use them to my advantage.

Here I am using natural and ambient light together. I used the mixture with my subject in hopes of capturing “quiet light”.

Elizabeth Sallee Bauer12484626_819578668168204_1115849673552999309_o52/1 “New Beginnings”

A fresh start, a blank page, the possibilities are endless.

Natasha G Rooney12471631_819578598168211_1391640448467816405_o

1\52 {New Beginnings} Second submission.

Margie Ryckman12440354_819578554834882_4065557039726561557_oNew Beginnings

I love beginnings. What’s ahead is a mystery, filled with the promise of whatever your heart can imagine. I’m imagining taking some risks this year – specifically with my photography. Perhaps add a group or two, or try some new techniques. I’m ready to have my dog pull me on a skateboard, like my son here, instead of just walking safely by his side. I hope I can find the courage to do this.


Emily Roots Haboustak12485930_819577591501645_3846379748725009805_o

Brand-new book. Brand-new, perfectly sharpened pencils. Oh, the possibilities!

Cathrine Currie10308191_819577331501671_7412743480006889004_n

Everyday is a new beginning, stay away from what it might have been and look to what it can be.

Christina Fuette Hines12465767_819577298168341_3824624706548871859_o1/52 New Beginnings

This year was supposed to be my new start, my new beginning. With the last 2 years of being sick, I was going to restart my business, and have a new focus on my family and photography. Instead, this year started off with me finding out that my new beginning is fighting for my health and life again. I am going to try to do this 52 photo project again, because I need something to distract me and keep my passion alive.

Lisa King12469454_819577248168346_4093204574847398133_o1/52 {new beginnings}

A new camera, new settings to learn, new experimentations, new feelings of excitement.

Jenn Rusby12376337_819577168168354_2263750798718280196_n1 | 52 New Beginnings
We’ve finally (after 3 1/2 years) moved into the house we’ve been building. We still have a million things to do in it, but it will be our forever house and the house our kids will grow up and create memories in and it feels like a new beginning to finally be here.

Jayshri Wadia12487153_10153561862727599_2844412392887891487_o

Week 1 “New Beginnings”

Kelly Ruth Frazier 
 Week 1/52 | New beginnings

This is a “new beginning” image to me for SEVERAL reasons. 1. I am making it a priority to get out of my house every day to take a walk and this is my favorite place to walk. 2. I am trying to start a new beginning of making photography FUN again. Who cares if it’s rainy, if my subjects aren’t “camera ready” etc… . But the MAIN reason is that this is my cousin who is more like a sister to me. She is THE most amazing person that I know. And she has finally found someone worth her love and attention and it is a new relationship and she is so very happy. I hope her new beginning turns into a long time love story

Charlene Barr
 1/52 || New Beginnings
We are starting the year off with a brand new baby boy. It’s a whole new life for us with 3 little ones three and under and I’m feeling motivated, energized and ready for an exciting year ahead with our newest bundle!
Melissa Svoboda


“New” is a tricky little word, isn’t it? Deceptively bright and shiny, hinting at some sort of chance for something more, something better, it dances around and whispers like a fairy the words we so love to hear, “peace,” “happiness,” “skinny jeans,” “a good night’s sleep.” And while any or all of those delicious possibilities may become a reality, the truth is that anything new takes some work, physical, intellectual, mental, spiritual. . . no ‘newness’ comes free. At first, new is perilous, sometimes painful, often hard. 
Our new year has begun without our dear friends, everyday playmates of my children and soul sister of mine. They’ve gone home to Russia to help their family, and right now, their return to the U.S. and to the house right next door to ours is not guaranteed. I gather stray pieces of mail, sweep the wisp of snow off their porch just to stand on the step and remember the good stuff. But we must go on. So today we got out the map and traced the path from Pittsburgh to Moscow. It’s barely eight inches, don’t you know, and that makes us feel a little better. ‪#‎torussiawithlove‬ 
Jessica See

1/52 New Beginnings

The beginning to a new bath.

Christa Doucette12509446_819576734835064_2552299097439121942_n1/52 New Beginnings

2015 was a pretty dark time for me. Here is to {New Beginnings} and working on feeling whole again.

Eileen Richardson12496264_819576708168400_6265166554484736222_o

I/52 New Beginnings: As an unusually warm winter has consumed December, I am looking forward to the New Beginnings January will bring. I took the time to enjoy my frost covered car windows this morning.

Jamie Cramble12471864_819576011501803_3114567517407384503_o{1/52} New Beginnings

This scene from earlier today is setting the tone for this project for me. As a recovering Type A, Virgo, eldest child, I am looking to strike the balance between striving to be better and finding joy in good enough is good enough. Sharing this photo of our happy chaos is a bit of risk for me. I mean, look at those coats on the floor, the ugly-needs-to-be-replaced-firescreen and don’t get me started on the countertops littered with pantry ingredients! Rather than stress about what a group of almost all strangers will think of my (lack of) housekeeping abilities on this day, I am finding joy in the smiles on their faces, little toes climbing the hearth (of a dormant fireplace), and the realization that they will never be this little again. This photo represents a new beginning in my mindset and confidence.

Christy Shaddix Lewis12491860_819575941501810_5772246231336876184_oWeek 1 – New Beginnings.

A New way of looking at things… Reminding myself to look up every once in awhile

Ronne Breaux Pierce12484719_819575871501817_5676168535967181369_oNew beginnings 1/52

This is our adopted son, whose birth came faster than we expected but we know the right baby found our home. He was and is (even at almost 5 months old) a new beginning for our family. I often think of how new everything must look through his eyes.

Jeane Cummings10286983_819575818168489_8388918617953758319_o{1/52} New Beginnings

When the world weighs you down with dirt…. Wash it all clean again.

Chelsey Hawes12487134_819575764835161_262375965517536241_o1/52 – New Beginning

The first thing my husband and I did when we bought our house was paint these walls avocado green (I swear it looked better than it sounds!). Nine years and two kids later, we were ready for a more “grown-up” update. So out with the old, and in with the blue! It feels fresh and new and a fun way to kick off a new year

Cari Terrio-Johnson12466281_819575688168502_8876257771183130209_oWeek 1/New Beginnings

With the break of dawn, comes new beginnings.

Sandy Fales12525203_819575621501842_332400858704373459_o{New Beginnings} 1/52

New camera. New sweetheart. New everything.

Sandra Burns12469624_819575421501862_4675015609275229792_o

Wk 1/52 “New Beginnings”

Amazing submissions for week 1. What a great start to the year! So much talent and creativity!

Remember, week 2 is “where I come from”

Happy Shooting!







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